"Life's more fun when
you're livin' pain free!"
Patti Doyle
PattiWhackers Physiotherapy

'My goal is to provide an alternative approach to treating and
managing pain and dysfunction in the body. I prefer a personal
method of treatment that is both "hands on" and educational for
each client. Understanding how your body has become imbalanced,
how to progress to a better state of health and the knowledge to
maintain this equilibrium is the purpose of my work.'

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gets your body working right
and makes the pain go away.
Specializing in 'fixing'
patients who want to get rid
of acute and chronic pain.

If you've tried everything
else come see me first --
before alternatives such as
drugs or surgery.
"A hands on approach....without
all the machines. I develop a
specialized exercise program....
tailored to create a balance
between the lengthened weaker
muscles with the tighter
shortened muscles.
Contact Patti at:
1915 Merino Place
Comox, BC V9M 3X7